Harnessing the power of digital to
help brands grow


Who we are

We are an objective led digital strategy and media agency who truly believe in the power of simplicity.

Our aim is to empower our clients, so they have the confidence to navigate an increasingly
fragmented and complicated digital landscape.

What we do

We work hard to understand what our clients really need in order to devise a powerfully simple strategy.

We then lean on our network of complementary partners to build, manage and deliver
holistic and transformative online solutions.

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We are strategically led

A sound strategy underpins everything we do. It summarises  the business challenge and provides a strong framework that guides us to the best solution.

We see digital differently

We believe digital channels can play a wider role than just conversion. They have the ability to build brands and engage consumers one to one.

Our Unique Approach

We don't own anything and we're proud of it.

We believe as soon as an agency commits itself to any one platform or partner it has already fallen behind.  With the proliferation of technology, and continued evolution of specialised products and services within the marketing industry, it seems naïve to think that the best solution now will remain the best solution for years or even months to come.

That's why at HDD we don't make commitments to any publishers, instead we leverage a network of independent industry experts that we engage only when required. This approach allows us to offer clients the deep channel specialisation they need without forcing them to subsidise in-house services they don’t.

This network is continually vetted and refreshed to ensure that we are always working with the best available partners on both a local and international level, which gives you the confidence you are always getting the best possible solution in market.


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How we work

We use the same planning approach no matter what you
engage us for.

1. Understand the challenge

Agreeing on what success looks like up front is the only way to really achieve it. The more we know about your brand, category, and audience, the better the challenge can be defined.

2. Plan the approach

We devise a holistic approach that delivers on the established objectives. This involves constructing a simple strategy and finding the best way to bring it to life through digital channels.

3. Select the partners

We leverage our network of industry experts to identify the most appropriate partners, platforms or technology to deliver on your brief.  

4. Action the plan

From here you rest easy knowing that HDD are managing all of your digital needs under one roof. This centralisation ensures that all activity is consistent and measurable in real-time.   

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HDD’s network approach allows us to provide a multitude of digitally led business solutions.


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